Ancient Mars may have had a liquid ocean despite freezing temperatures

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A exemplary based connected Earth’s oceans and ambiance explains however Mars could person been acold and bedewed 3 cardinal years ago

Space 17 January 2022

By Alex Wilkins

Artist?s presumption    of the Kasei Valles - Mars with glacier instrumentality    travel  from precocious   altitude to the bluish   ocean.

Artist’s presumption of past Mars, with frozen crystal sheets and glaciers flowing into the bluish ocean

NASA / USGS / ESA / DLR / FU Berlin (G. Neukum).

Mars whitethorn person had a liquid h2o water 3 cardinal years ago, adjacent if the somesthesia astatine the aboveground was beneath freezing.

There is beardown geological grounds that Mars erstwhile had an ocean, specified arsenic past shorelines, but it is unclear what conditions could person made imaginable each the features seen connected the satellite today. If it was lukewarm capable for a liquid ocean, determination should beryllium valleys scarred by rivers, but these haven’t been observed. If the clime was excessively cold, determination would person been onshore ice, which doesn’t acceptable with our observations of stone deposits from historical tsunamis.

Now, Frédéric Schmidt astatine the University of Paris-Saclay successful France and his colleagues person recovered that a liquid water could person existed with an supra h2o somesthesia of conscionable beneath freezing. In this scenario, the water is kept lukewarm capable to stay liquid by h2o circulation that could springiness it a somesthesia of astir 4.5°C


Schmidt and his squad utilized a exemplary that simulates however Earth’s oceans and ambiance interact, but changed the parameters to lucifer Mars’s past environment, specified arsenic its atmospheric state constitution and a little prima power. As good arsenic a liquid ocean, the exemplary besides suggests determination whitethorn person been mean rainfall on the water shores and a mostly frozen confederate region.

The past clime features that the exemplary produced were akin to Earth’s billions of years ago, and would person contained some of the cardinal ingredients for microbial life.

“If we could question successful clip to 3 cardinal years ago, we could unrecorded connected this past Mars with conscionable a spacesuit for oxygen,” says Schmidt. “Pressure, clouds, liquid water, ocean, rain, snowfall and glaciers: each of them were precise akin to Earth today. Only oxygen was missing.”

The survey shows that an water astatine this signifier successful Mars’s past is plausible, says Sanjeev Gupta astatine Imperial College London, but it is lone a simulation. “The authors propulsion unneurotic observations from different studies with grounds for an water to necktie into their results, but impervious of an water does not travel from the modelling. We would request stronger geological grounds for an ocean,” helium says.

Journal reference: PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2112930119

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