New-to-science tarantula that lives inside bamboo found by YouTuber

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A taxon of tarantula seems to unrecorded exclusively wrong hollow bamboo stems, which nary different tarantula is known to do

18 January 2022

By Jake Buehler


Taksinus bambus – a tarantula that lives wrong bamboo

JoCho Sippawat

Tarantulas marque their homes everyplace from dusty godforsaken burrows to a rainforest canopy. Now, researchers person discovered a tarantula caller to subject that dwells wholly wrong the hollow stems of bamboo, a archetypal for this radical of colossal, woolly spiders.

JoCho Sippawat – a wildlife YouTuber from Thailand – archetypal encountered the spiders portion visiting a jungle successful Tak province, successful the northwest of the country, noticing a brownish tarantula with narrow, airy bands connected the legs dropping from a hollow bamboo stem …

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