The Most Out of Your Press Release Pricing

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Press Release Pricing


When you're looking for a way to get your news out there,  PRWeb Pricing  is a perfect solution. The process is simple and easy to do, but there are also plenty of things you need to know before you send out that first draft or final version of your release. Whether you're an entrepreneur who just wants to get exposure for their business or an industry professional who wants to grow their brand's reputation (and maybe even increase revenue), understanding how much it costs when it comes down to publishing and distributing those releases will help ensure that they're worth every penny!

How to get the most out of your press release pricing:

In this section, we'll cover the pricing options for your press release and how to get the most out of your PRWeb or Business Wire publication.

  • PRWeb Pricing (PRW)

PRWeb is a free service that allows you to publish your news articles, press releases, and other content on its website for free. However, if you want to promote one of your stories through a paid ad in their directory then there are several different options available:

  • The “Featured Story” option costs $50 per month (or $25 per story). This will allow readers who click on it to be redirected back onto your site where they can read more about what you have written about them.

  • The “Sponsored Stories” feature offers users an opportunity to advertise their product or service directly alongside any article written about them by linking back to our website at no cost!

Understand your options.

Before you start pricing your PRNewswire Pricing, make sure that you understand the options available to you. The industry is still young and there are a lot of different ways to do things.

  • PRWeb offers packages that range from $99 for 3,000 words to $299 for 11,000 words. You can also choose between standard and enhanced design options (the latter being more expensive).

  • PRNewswire has similar packages but with some additional benefits like a webinar registration or speaker booking services included in their prices as well as other non-standard features such as longer lead times or customized designs based on your needs.

  • Marketwired offers two main tiers: one for smaller businesses ($499) and another for larger companies ($999). Both offer access to content management tools so you can edit your own copy before sending out press releases on behalf of yourself or clients; however, neither one offers any sort of customization options beyond basic HTML coding which may be insufficient if you want something truly unique from this service provider!

Be aware of the fees.

When it comes to pricing, you have a few options. The first is free: Marketwired Pricing  offers up its content for free if you're willing to write your press release in plain English. However, if you want more than 200 words and want to use their content management system (CMS), then they'll charge $299 per 100 words.

For smaller businesses with fewer than five employees or clients who don't need the CMS feature—and aren't looking for any sort of online distribution—Kathy Stewart from IMPACT Communications recommends using an online service like Marketwired or PRNewswire as opposed to creating an entirely new website just for your company's releases; these sites allow users without technical expertise access without having access themselves."

Compare packages.

There are a number of factors that can affect your press release pricing, including:

  • The number of releases you publish per year. If you have a high volume of releases, it's likely that the cost will go down because there are more opportunities to negotiate with publishers and distribute your content through their outlets.

  • Your company's size and industry. The larger and more established your business is, the more likely it is that you'll be able to get published at lower rates by using sites like PRNewswire or Reuters (the latter being known as "the Wall Street Journal" for marketers).

If these two things don't matter much to you—you're just starting out in marketing or know people who have been around long enough not to care about any of this stuff—then I'd suggest going with an average price point for all packages instead of trying to get the best deal per release type (which would require researching each publisher separately).

Do the research.

When you're looking at different options, it's important to compare features. The headline price is just one aspect of your Press Release Pricing; other factors include distribution services and additional fees.

For example, PressCulture has a free plan that offers unlimited releases with no limitations on distribution or additional services like text formatting or social media promotion. If you want something more in-depth than this basic package, however, PressCulture also offers paid plans that allow for up to 20 releases per month with various restrictions on content length (up to 5000 characters).

Another example is PR2GO which charges $15 per release plus $10 per 100 words longer than 500 characters (which would be approximately 750 words). This price includes all required digital assets such as graphics/photos/screenshots etc., but does not include email delivery or phone support—which can add up quickly if you need assistance setting up an account or making changes after uploading your press release!

Consider the value you're getting, not just the end cost.

The value of your press release isn't just the end cost. In fact, it might be lower than that.

The value of a press release is exposure for your Business Wire Pricing  or organization. Exposure means that people will hear about you and your product or service because someone else has written about it—even if they don't read anything more than their headline and first paragraph (if any). This can lead to increased sales from customers who are unfamiliar with your company but interested in what you have to offer; new clients; new partnerships; and even links from other websites where they read something relevant to what's being discussed on theirs!

The second factor here is whether other people will actually read the content within each article published by those sites—and this one depends entirely on how good their editorial standards are when choosing which stories make it onto their front page versus those that don't get picked up at all."

With a little work and the right information, you can find excellent service for your entire news release distribution needs

  • Make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions and seek clarification about your options.

  • Don't be afraid to shop around for the best price on news release distribution services, even if it means negotiating with a local publication or micro-publisher who will deliver service at a lower cost than larger publishers can offer.


In conclusion, you should be aware of your options when it comes to pricing. You have to consider the value of your news release and the end cost. If you're looking for a simple service at a low price point—that's great! But if you need something more custom or specific in terms of distribution, then talk with us today.

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